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We are Triumph India’s dedicated training facility. We work with corporate and individuals, to groom novice as well as advanced writers by providing courses that range from basic technical writing training to advanced specialized training in specific authoring and publishing tools. We create customized workshops for every batch of students that choose to learn with us. Watch out for schedules of our upcoming courses and any TILA related announcements on this page. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates as and when they’re published.

Why Information Mapping?

When creating content for an audience, a content writer in the industry has to pay equal attention to both, content standard as well as the technology standard used to publish the documents. While there are several accepted industry standards to help choose and implement the right technology, content standards are scant in number.

This is where the Information Mapping method, a learning-based method of writing is the solution for an organization-level content standard. The principles of Information Mapping can easily be applied to produce professional and consistent documents. This method helps the writer capture, communicate and manage content to create efficient business documentation.

The Information Mapping technique works with any type of communication, in any industry, language, and in any media


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The InformationMapping method is used to optimize the effectiveness of

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